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Hen Royston - Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What started off as just a spark of an idea, over a cup of tea, evolved over the next eighteen months into an event attracting over 200 people and raising $21,000 for the Methven Care Trust (MCT).

There were a few hurdles along the way, Roger Henderson, Trustee for MCT commented, "it wasn't the walk in the park we thought it would be".  However, the main organisers Nicola Lee, Melissa Gooseman and Graeme Jones managed them well with the awesome support of Sue van den Heuvel, MCT Fundraising Co-ordinator.

Finding sponsors was not one of the hurdles, as Mark Hanrahan, Mid Canterbury Account Manager for PGG Wrightson explained, "being a NZ wide company, we were able to approach our national clients for sponsorship.  They were happy to get on board for this great community cause.  Although we originally approached chemical suppliers for the auction, we ended up with a huge range of fantastic prizes".

Mark went on to say, "I was a bit hesitate at first about the quiz part of the evening, but it turned out to be a real draw card for the night and a great success:.  This was backed up by Jo Suyker, Chairperson of MCT, who said, "We were really impressed by the support from our young community members.  The evening attracted a whole different group of people who would at their age, not normally be thinking about an old peoples home".  I asked Melissa how long it took to get all the quiz questions together and where she got them from, she responded, "Everywhere!  It took about three and a half weeks to research and complete".

The PGG Wrightson staff thought it would be a 'farmers night out' however, the interest from outside that circle helped swell the numbers to over 200.  Mark observed, "The Mt Hutt Memorial Hall isn't small and it was an impressive sight to see so many enjoying themselves.  This made it all the more worthwhile".

There are many thank you's that PGG Wrightson and the MCT wish to mention:  Sue van den Heuvel, Jude Henderson, Alice McKerchar, Anne Wells, Sam Brown the Auctioneer, and all our very generous sponsors and other supporters on the night.

$21,000 means another two bricks in the wall on the progess chart in The Mall and another step closer to achieving the goal of building a new care home fo Methven's residents.

Pictured below (left to right):  Nicola Lee (Arable Rep), Graeme Jones (Arable Manager), Melissa Gooseman (Arable Rep), Roger Henderson (MCT Trustee), Mark Hanrahan (Mid Canterbury Manager PGG Wrightson), Jo Suyker (Chairperson MCT).

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