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Trust wants new resthome open by 2029

Sue van den Heuvel - Monday, April 22, 2019

Methven Care Trust (MCT) members have commited to a ten-year timeline to get a new resthome for Methven and its surrounding community open and running.

The service needs to be operating by 2029 as the current facility ‘Methven House’ will not last beyond this timeframe, says MCT chairwoman Joanna Suyker.

New earthquake building standards and the age of Methven House mean it is no longer feasible to maintain the building for much longer. With no ensuite bedrooms and a cramped kitchen and dining room, a new purpose-built facility for caring for the elderly is overdue, she says.

Methven Care Trust members have fundraised $1.05 million over four years towards the estimated cost, along with the donated land onto which we intend to build. The trust needs to raise more funds locally to give better credibility before applying for grants.

Widespread support for the project was evident in 2012 when a public meeting at the Mt Hutt Memorial Hall attracted around 200 people expressing their support for a new community-run, not for profit resthome in the town.  The meeting voted to proceed and deliver on this vision.

Since then the Methven Aged Persons Welfare Association (MAPWAI), and its funding arm the Methven Care Trust (MCT), have worked together to explore ideas and generate funds for the project.

 It is a joint mission of MAPWAI and Methven Care Trust that we work together to achieve a new resthome for Methven. We are committed to protecting the future of our elderly by ensuring they have a place to live in as they become more vulnerable,” says Joanna Suyker.

 One of the biggest issues for the project is the reality of rising building and consenting costs, and Methven Care Trust is tackling this by undertaking feasibility studies at the moment to revisit options, including how costs can be reduced.

  “We are very aware that as we fundraise, the projected cost of the project may rise, so we need to be adaptive. We are open to feedback and welcome suggestions from the community as to how we can stage the development.” 

Methven Care Trust will build the new aged care facility on gifted land in the town’s Camrose Estate. More details are available via the fundraising co-ordinator Sue Van den Heuvel on, the trust’s Givealittle page or via the website

Methven High Country Fete Donation 2018

Sue van den Heuvel - Friday, December 14, 2018

Organisers of the Methven High Country Fete, Denise Dixey and Julie Sergeant ,were really pleased to be able to donate a further $1,000 to the Methven Care Trust following the Methven High Country Fete in November.

Denise said, “We are grateful to the MCT committee/volunteer members who work hard to raise the funds for the new aged care facility; working the gate all day for our event. This year, despite the weather putting many people off coming, we had great support from o...ur community and hard core fans from our previous years fetes.”

Pictured below handing over the cheque to Jo Suyker, Chairperson of the Trust, Julie commented "we were relieved to be able to go ahead with the event and continue to give back to the community".

Picture left to right - Julie Sergeant, Joanna Suyker, Denise Dixey.

Sun Shines on House & Garden Tour fundraiser

Sue van den Heuvel - Friday, November 16, 2018

There were a few sighs of relief as the sun came out on Saturday 10th November for the Methven Care Trusts 4th annual House & Garden Tour fundraiser.

This year included a total of seven stunning properties, plus plant stall, raffle, and a display of vintage and classic cars.  One of the properties was also hosting the BBQ lunch for visitors.

The day went really well, with lots of great feedback including:

"What a fantastic day out.  Enjoyed it all and thanks to all the participants who let their homes and gardens be open to us.  Fabulous.  Can't wait for next year!"

"Perfect day out.  Thank you so much to all the home and garden owners (sho I'm sure were pulling their hair out on Friday with the snow) and to the volunteers who manned the lovely homes."

"Amazing day, great house and thanks to all involved for the amazing food for lunch".

Methven Care Trust would like to say a big THANK YOU to Methven House for assisting with all the baking of slices for the BBQ, also a massive thank you to Sandy Redmond and her trusty helper Di Callaghan for all their efforts in co-ordinating the plant stall, which raised almost $1,500 of the overall figure of $10,500 raised.


Chairperson & Treasurers Report - AGM 1st August 2018

Sue van den Heuvel - Sunday, August 05, 2018


Methven Care Trust has had another active year.  MCT joined the 40 years celebration of Methven House in April 2017 and took the opportunity to showcase the trusts purpose and achievements to residents, their families and invited guests.

The local farm lease for the benefit of the trust continues to be a welcome constant in our fundraising efforts.  MCT has taken the opportunity to purchase lambs and is running these on the leased land whilst a local farmer gives his time and expertise to oversee them for us.

The Methven & Foothills House and Garden Tour has become our trademark annual local event, allowing us to embrace the goodwill of our community in offering their homes and gardens to be viewed by the public.  We are forever grateful for the communities generosity in allowing us to run this day, $10,000 was raised last November.  MCT is proud to be able to sustain this fundraiser as we enter our 4th consecutive year of the event.  Please mark your calendars for Novembers 10th for this year’s event.

MCT continues to humbly accept annual donations from Methven A&P Assoc, Methven Lions Club, Methven Rodeo Committee, High Country Fete, and Czech Christmas Cookie fundraiser.  On a monthly basis from the local businesses, retired couples, the families, the widowers and the widows.  On a weekly basis from the local mum that works three cleaning jobs to feed her family and deposits $10 without fail in the trusts account – thank you!

We have been the benefactors of inaugural events such as the Methven combined Churches Christmas Carols gold coin donation, Childcare @ Sue’s Lilly fundraiser, the gate takings from the 70th year Landrover Celebrations held at the showgrounds, and the proceeds from the Methven Young Farmers Club “Bark up at The Blue’.  Methven Pottery Club, BNZ Closed for Good cake stall.  Ian Totty Memorial Variety Concert, Mid Canterbury 4 wheel drive club Mud plug takings.

Methven Care Trust joined with Methven House and profiled the two organisations at the Ashburton Aged Concern Expo in Ashburton.

 The trust ran a hugely successful Hyundai win a car raffle.  We were delighted to have a national corporate support us and it was great to be able to offer a high end prize, and a local winning the car was such an appropriate outcome.

We were sad to have to accept the resignation of fellow trustee Ron Smith from the trust due to ill health.  Ron’s enthusiasm and passion for the cause has been well cemented in our foundations as we move forward on the project.  We were delighted to welcome Sir Graeme Harrison on board to fill this vacancy.

Two very significant events took place for MCT over the last year.  The first being we took ownership of the .6ha site in the Camrose subdivision late 2017, donated by the Lochhead Trust.  A milestone in itself as the trust seeks to raise the funds for the new build, and a momentous day for Mrs Lochhead onsite as the wishes of she and her late husband Allan came to fruition.

The second significant event for MCT reached on the last day of our financial year this March was hitting the $1million dollar mark on funds raised.  This was able to be achieved not only by all mentioned, but by the huge generosity of three donations, two of $100,000 and one of $200,000.  When I was summoned by the latter donator, who wishes to remain anonymous, I had no idea of the size of the donation I would be coming away with.  They said two things to me; 1) “nobody needs to know about this, and 2) this was in my will, but what’s the point of that when maybe I can see some progress on this project while I’m still around.”

These words sum up this project for me, no accolades or bright lights needed for these generous beings, just an absolute urge to commit to this cause they see as worthy for our community.  Portraying their trust and faith in MCT to get the job done instils credibility to the cause and hopefully they will still be around to experience that.



It is with pleasure that I present the financial report for the Methven Care Trust for the year ended 31 March 2018.

The 2018 income from donations, fundraising activities and interest, totalled $1,073,475 compared to $233,693 the previous year.  This is a reflection on how the community is getting in so strongly behind the trust and want to see this wonderful project succeed.

Operating payments are higher than the previous year – this is due mainly to the purchase of $15,252 worth of lambs that will be sold this year or next.  Overall the trusts expenses are minimal.

$570,000 has been paid to purchase land, with the balance of $340,000 due by 30 January 2020 – this is the exciting part – the dream is actually physically underway.  This has all been made possible by the wonderful efforts of the trust and in particular the donations made by this great community.  This year 4 very generous donations were received – we are so grateful.

We have now raised $1.5 million towards the $5 million target – fantastic, but we must not lose this momentum.

Here I would like to suggest that if you have ever thought of leaving a legacy in your will – why not consider giving while you are alive.  This way you can see what your money has done and as an accountant I have to add that for every dollar you give to a registered charity (which Methven Care Trust is), you will receive 33 cents back in donation rebates from the government (not a bad return on your money).

Finally, as awkward as it is to ask for money – this is not for us, but to build a fabulous facility for our locals.

If you are interested, or know of anyone interested in knowing more, please contact one of our Trustees, our fundraising co-ordinator, or myself.  Please be assured that by showing interest, you will not be expected to donate, but we would love to share our vision more with anyone on an individual basis.







Q & A

Sue van den Heuvel - Saturday, June 30, 2018

Young Farmers 'BARK UP' donation

Sue van den Heuvel - Thursday, June 21, 2018

Methven Young Farmers hosted the 'Bark up at the Blue' event, on Saturday 19th May.

45 entries were vying for 'Best Farm Dog, Best Dressed, Best U13'.  Bryce Yorke, a Shepherd from Banks Peninsula took out the biggest prize for 'Best Farm Dog'.

Kelsie Laing said, "the Bark Up committee made up of Lucy Dynes, Brooke Dickey, Ezekiel Turner, Billy Dowle and myself, were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of local businesses, who sponsored us with an amazing range of prizes.  We decided to donate money to Methven Care Trust as we wanted to give back to our community and support the hard work of their team".

This was the first time the 'Bark Up' event had been held in Methven, and based on how successful it was, and the awesome feedback they received, Kelsie said, "we will definitely be looking at running another Bark up in the future".

Kelsie Laing is pictured (below) presenting a cheque to the value of $200.00 to Joanna Suyker, Methven Care Trust Chairperson.

Methven Young Farmers organising committee, Lucy Dynes, Billy Dowle, Brooke Dickey, Ezekiel Turner and Kelsie Laing are pictured above with Shepherd Bryce York from Banks Peninsula, who took home the coveted prize of 'Best Farm Dog'.

HYUNDAI WIN A CAR Winner announced

Sue van den Heuvel - Thursday, May 31, 2018

Congratulations to Brent Anderson from Methven, lucky ticket winner of the 2018 HYUNDAI Accent 1.6, RRP $24,990.00.

Brents ticket was one of a total of 400 sold as a fundraising venture we partnered in conjunction with Hyundai & Isuzu Mid/South Canterbury.

Joanna Suyker, MCT Chairperson said "we are thrilled that the car has been won by a local within our district, our community is so supportive of our campaign, so it is just so nice to see someone from the immediate district benefit in return".  She also acknowledged, "working with Greg and the crew from Hyundai has been an absolute pleasure, we were just overwhelmed that they would join with us and believe in our cause by agreeing to support this unique fundaiser".

A huge thank you must also go to a special number of individuals who made it their crusade to sell tickets through their business and personal contacts.  Also, our four amazing enthusiastic retailers here in Methven, Hammer Hardware, Primo-E-Secundo Café, FarmSource and Ruralco.  We just couldn't have gained the sales momentum of tickets without having accessible ticket locations.  In return, we shouted them all morning tea to say thanks (see photos below).

Brent Anderson (above) lucky winner of the car, and (below) being presented keys by Joanna Suyker (MCT Chairperson) and Greg Kennedy (Hyundai & Isuzu Mid/South Canterbury)

Retailers from FarmSource Methven (above) and Hammer Hardware receiving morning tea from Joanna Suyker.

Primo-E-Secundo crew (above) and Ruralco Methven staff (below) were also retailers who we thanked.

Methven Lions donate from golf tournament proceeds

Sue van den Heuvel - Monday, May 07, 2018

It is no secret here in Methven that we have a very dedicated and hard working Lions Club within our community.

So last week we were so thankful to once again be a benefactor of the Methven Lions annual golf tournament fundraiser, resulting in a cheque being donated to our Chairperson Joanna Suyker, to the value of $7,000.00.

In accepting the cheque, Joanna said "our fundraising cause is for the community, we can't do it without community support, and the Methven Lions are such an integral part of our community.  We (MCT) have in the past received substantial donations from your club, and we thank you once again for your support, not only on behalf of the Trust, but our Methven community."

Joanna is pictured below receiving the cheque from Bruce Sim, Methven Lions Club President.  (Photo credit Lynley Pluck)

Trust funds hit $1million mark

Sue van den Heuvel - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

After surpassing the $1million mark, the fundraising team behind Methven Care Trust is feeling more confident about its goal of rebuilding the town's community-run resthome.

Three significant, anonymous donations of $200,000, $100,000 and $100,000 in the first quarter of this year saw funds raised to date increase to just over $1million.  Another close to $20,000 should arrive next month from the trust's raffle of a Hyundai car, Methven Care Trust chairwoman Joanna Suyker says.

"The trust has worked tirelessly to reach this point and we'd like to pause and thank our supporters and the wider Methven community for getting us here.  It's no small feat raising $1million in this economic climate and we've been told the first million dollars is the hardest.  We especially would like to thank the three anonymous donors who contributed significant amounts this year.  It's a real show of faith in our project and we're very grateful for this boost."

Methven Care Trust is a fundraising group set up by the Methven Aged Persons Welfare Association (MAPWAI) to raise funds for, and oversee, the building of a new aged care facility for Methven.  Trustees have been drawn from the Methven and foothills community and work alongside Methven Care Trust fundraising co-ordinator Sue van den Heuvel to deliver fundraising initiatives hand-in-hand with the community.  The trust's goal is to replace the existing community-run resthome Methven House within the next few years.  The estimated cost is $5.5million.

There is an urgent need to replace Methven House as the building is rapidly reaching the end of its useable life, says Joanna Suyker.

"Methven House has served us well for 40 years but it certainly won't last another 40.  It's vital we attract sufficient funds so we can get on with building a new facility that will care for the elderly in our district," she says.

Recent fundraising activity includes a raffle for a Hyundai car which will be drawn late May.  With only 400 tickets on sale at $100 each, punters across Ashburton District have embraced the opportunity to win a car at such good odds, says Joanna Suyker.

The raffle was launched at the Methven A&P show last month and tickets can be purchased from Primo-E-Secundo Café, Hammer Hardware, FarmSource and RuralCo in Methven.

Other funds this year have come frm the Landrover 70th anniversary celebrations, leasing of land for farming activities and a lily fundraiser initiated by Sue Duff's childcare operation.  More fundraising ventures are being sought from the community.

Methven Care Trust will build the new aged care facility on gifted land in the town's Camrose Estate.  More details are available via the fundraising co-ordinator Sue van den Heuvel on, the trust's Givealittle page or via the website.

Pictured (left to right):  Janine Holland (trustee), Joanna Suyker (Chairperson), Sue van den Heuvel ready to update the fundraising signage in the Methven Mall

Sir Graeme Harrison joins Methven Care Trust

Sue van den Heuvel - Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sir Graeme Harrison has been confirmed to join Methven Care Trust as a Trustee.  Joanna Suyker, MCT Chairperson, said “we are delighted that Sir Graeme has accepted our invitation to join the trust, having someone of this calibre join our team just shows the support that Methven Care Trust has in our community”.

Born in Methven, Graeme returned as a resident in 2010 with his wife Barbara after an absence of 45 years.  In the intervening years he went to university in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, spent 13 years based overseas, founded one of New Zealand’s leading export businesses and represented the country and his business on numerous trade missions and in international forums.

Graeme was the inaugural Chairman of the New Zealand International Business Forum for 8 years, served on national bodies such as the New Zealand-China Council, and has a number of current involvements with Lincoln University.  He has long been associated with the New Zealand meat industry and has held company governance roles for extended periods in seafood and dairy.

Graeme has been honoured by the Governments of New Zealand (2011) and Japan (2015).  In 2010 he was named Federated Farmers Agribusiness person of the year and in 2016 he received the Rabobank Australia and New Zealand Leadership Award.

Graeme’s parents, Kath and Tom Harrison, were residents of Methven House.

Along with Chairperson Joanna Suyker, Graeme joins existing Trustee’s Janine Holland, Jan Anderson, Colin Lill and Roger Henderson. 

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