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Time to get serious about rebuilding Methven House

Hen Royston - Thursday, April 20, 2017

Two years after the fundraising campaign for a new Methven House commenced, organisers say it’s time to get serious about putting money into the project – before the building becomes too expensive to maintain or earthquake concerns deem it unusable. 

“I took my first breath in this current building. I will not take my last in it. The building will beat me to it,” said Methven Care Trust chairperson Jo Suyker at the home’s recent 40th birthday celebrations.

In a speech to 50 invited guests, Mrs Suyker said it was a tribute to the Methven community that the town had cared for its elderly for four decades in the former maternity hospital building on Morgan Street.

“Forty years of care, 40 years of commitment, 40 years of empathy and 40 years of devotion that has been given to the people that have walked through the doors and made Methven House their home. That, quite frankly, is a mighty effort for a community of this size.”

However, another four decades won’t be possible if Methven people don’t realise what they have to lose if sufficient funds can’t be raised.

 “Methven Care Trust, along with support from the community has set a target of five years to raise $5million for the building. To put it quite bluntly, Methven Care Trust, in these initial stages has been a glorified fundraising mechanism. We are nearly two and a half years in on this project and to date have $503,000 in the bank. A little frightening you may say with half our target years gone and only 10% raised. But I am quietly confident this community will rise to the challenge, and for the sake of taking the responsibility of caring for our elderly seriously, see us over the line.”

With more than 200 people – including preschoolers and school children visiting Methven House on its 40th birthday – Mrs Suyker said it was hoped greater exposure to the home would open people’s eyes to the asset on their doorstep.

“Whilst we enjoy this day of fond memories, celebration and gratitude to those that fought and rallied against the odds to establish Methven House, we must now look forward and into the future as to how we want the next 40 plus years to evolve. Like many here today and those that have gone before us, we must now too fight and rally to create a new space to ensure the continuation of Methven House’s great legacy.”

Methven Care Trust was established in October 2014 to raise funds for and oversee the building of a new aged care facility for Methven on gifted land in Camrose Estate. The trust recently developed a pledge form that allows residents to commit to supporting the project over an agreed period of time or via a one-off donation. More details are available via the fundraising co-ordinator Sue Van den Heuvel on



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