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Trust wants new resthome open by 2029

Hen Royston - Monday, April 22, 2019

Methven Care Trust (MCT) members have commited to a ten-year timeline to get a new resthome for Methven and its surrounding community open and running.

The service needs to be operating by 2029 as the current facility ‘Methven House’ will not last beyond this timeframe, says MCT chairwoman Joanna Suyker.

New earthquake building standards and the age of Methven House mean it is no longer feasible to maintain the building for much longer. With no ensuite bedrooms and a cramped kitchen and dining room, a new purpose-built facility for caring for the elderly is overdue, she says.

Methven Care Trust members have fundraised $1.05 million over four years towards the estimated cost, along with the donated land onto which we intend to build. The trust needs to raise more funds locally to give better credibility before applying for grants.

Widespread support for the project was evident in 2012 when a public meeting at the Mt Hutt Memorial Hall attracted around 200 people expressing their support for a new community-run, not for profit resthome in the town.  The meeting voted to proceed and deliver on this vision.

Since then the Methven Aged Persons Welfare Association (MAPWAI), and its funding arm the Methven Care Trust (MCT), have worked together to explore ideas and generate funds for the project.

 It is a joint mission of MAPWAI and Methven Care Trust that we work together to achieve a new resthome for Methven. We are committed to protecting the future of our elderly by ensuring they have a place to live in as they become more vulnerable,” says Joanna Suyker.

 One of the biggest issues for the project is the reality of rising building and consenting costs, and Methven Care Trust is tackling this by undertaking feasibility studies at the moment to revisit options, including how costs can be reduced.

  “We are very aware that as we fundraise, the projected cost of the project may rise, so we need to be adaptive. We are open to feedback and welcome suggestions from the community as to how we can stage the development.” 

Methven Care Trust will build the new aged care facility on gifted land in the town’s Camrose Estate. More details are available via the fundraising co-ordinator Sue Van den Heuvel on, the trust’s Givealittle page or via the website

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